Some Questions

There are some questions which are on the one hand very interesting in my opinion and which on the other hand would bring us a big step forward in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, if we can answer them. However, it won't be easy to find. Especially because these are partly the main questions in this area of science. Here is the list:

  • Is it possible to find a connection between the outer (physical) and the inner (felt) states? In other words this is the question how consciousness and sensation arise.
  • Is it possible to find a good, comprehensive definition for the term "intelligence"? (One which does not say intelligence is what an IQ test measures.) What are the key features of "intelligence"?
  • Is consciousness for "intelligence" necessary, adequate or total independent of that.
  • How does abstraction work? Is it possible to find a general abstraction algorithm?
  • Are there general principles below emergence? Are there possibilities to understand emergence better?
  • Is it possible to find universal intelligence tests which are independent of culture? Even better would it to find a test which is independent of our special senses and which is an alternative to the Turing test. Is it possible to create an abstraction test (or may be someone has done this before)?